Review: Bring Out The Word Winder Wizard In You

Have you played Word Winder? The phenomenal word game that has taken America by storm! Developed by the world’s most syndicated wordgame creator, David L. Hoyt, Word Winder appeals to everyone over eight years old.

Word Winder Game

A game veteran with 15 years in the word game industry, Hoyt said that Word Winder caters to different levels and abilities, so you can even play with your pre-schoolers as long as they can spell 3-letter words.

“The beauty of Word Winder is that it appeals at every level, to the whole family from child to grandparent, while still being cool enough for teenagers to play against each other, or for adults who want to show off their word prowess,” said Hoyt who was in Singapore to officially launch the game in Asia. Singapore is the first Asian country to launch Word Winder!

How To Play

Word Winder is a game of winning words. It comes with 3 sets of colored ‘chips’ and 16 double-sided 4” x 4” letter grid boards that can be organized differently every time you play.

Word Winder Game

Lay down your chips to form lines of winding words. Players attempt to create a continuous winding line of words creating a path from one side of the game board to another. There are no restrictions on how you place your words.  They can be placed in any direction on the board – left to right, top to bottom, diagonally or even in a winding pattern. Outrace your opponents and block their lines. Click here for more tips on how to play the game.

To win the game, the players need to complete an unbroken line of words from top to bottom or from side to side. They can outwit their opponents by blocking their path. It’s a game that increases the confidence of your child’s vocabulary and use of words. See pictures below of the elation felt by my 8-year-old son.

Word Winder Game

Word Winder Game

Word Winder Game

“It’s certainly a game that will bring out your competitive streak while encouraging bonding time between families and friends,” adds founder of the game.

A great Christmas gift, Word Winder is available at Toys R’Us and all major departmental stores in Singapore for SGD$29.90. For more information, visit: www.wordwinder.com and check out these videos on Word Winder.

And if you want to play Word Winder on the go, you can now download Word Winder Apps on your iPad or iPhone so you can play it anytime, anywhere.

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