Top 10 Kids English Enrichment

Need a boost in English grades or help with your composition writing? Here are the best English enrichment or tuition classes for your kids.


Singapore Top English Enrichment Classes

English is one of Singapore’s four official language. The Ministry of Education (MOE) recognises that it is “the medium by which most Singaporeans gain access to information and knowledge from around the world.”

The ability to speak and write English effectively has become an essential skill in the workplace, therefore, MOE places high regard to help the Singapore’s pupils gain mastery over this language.

However, the common use of Singlish both at home and in school do not help our young ones acquire good English skills. Neither does the recent influx of accents from the Philippines, India, China and European countries other than England contribute to the learning of English.

Composition writing, understanding comprehension passages and answering the questions are two areas that constantly challenge our students. Here are some simple tips that parents can do to help their kids improve their English.

→ Encourage your child to read books or newspaper articles

→ Watch English language programs like Discovery Kids or OKTO

→ Use the words in conversation 

If all else fails, we have scoured popular online parenting forums like Kiasuparents.com, Singpaoremotherhood.com, mummysg.com and theAsianParent.com where parents vouch for these enrichment centres for English as the tops in the country.

British Council

Creative Horizon – creative writing 

Eagle Wings

I Can Read

Jan & Elly English Language School

Julia Gabriel

LCentral English

Lorna Whiston

Morris Allen English

The Write Connection

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