Social Media Week – Growing Up On Facebook

Are we putting too much information about our children online, thereby placing them in harm’s way in their future? 

As proud parents, we can’t wait to share our pride and joy in our offspring with the world. Every cutesy picture of them is posted on Facebook. We document their growth progress and share about their achievements and seemingly innocuous (sometimes unsolicited) details of them on Facebook daily.

Social Media Week

But lately, I have been wondering, am I being careful about my children’s future safety? How many details of them are floating around in cyberspace? HOW can these details be used and WHO might use them against them in the future?

Children online internet cyberspace

So when the organizers of Social Media Week (SMW),  AKA Asia, invited me to be a panelist in their event Growing Up On Facebook, I jumped at the opportunity.

I am eager to share my concerns and explore with the participants (mostly parents) and experts in cyber-safety how our involvement with Social Media today will impact (or not) the lives of our children in THEIR future.

Joining me are fellow parent blogger, Kelvin Ang from www.cheekiemonkie.net and the following experts:

= Felicia Chin, editor-in-chief, theAsianParent.com (moderator)
= Terrence Tang, Regional Director, Digital Marketing & Consumer Business, Trend Micro
= Paul Gage, Regional Planning Director, APAC, iris worldwide

If you are interested in joining us for this session, do register here. Here are the details of the event:

WHAT: Growing Up On Facebook

WHEN: 19 February 2013 (Tuesday), 3.00pm – 4.30pm

WHERE: The Arts House (Play Den) – 1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore, 179429

Social Media Week Singapore is from 18 to 22 February 2013. Click Here for more events by SMW.

Otherwise, check back in with me on the follow-up to our discussion on the implications of parents documenting their children’s lives on Facebook, why parents love to share their kids online, and how this affects how our children will use social media in the future.

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