Festive Celebrations: Popular Diwali Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is an Indian traditional or folk art which is generally created on the floor especially on festive occasions like Diwali (Indian New Year).

The Indian scriptures and puranas (hindu mythological literature works) can be attributed for the emergence of this creative rangoli art. This ancient Indian art is believed to be originated from the Indian state Maharashtra, from where it gets gradually dispersed in the rest of the country. (source)

Rangoli designs are beautiful and varied. The most popular ones are floral, peacocks, fish, diyas (lit candles) or religious symbols like Lord Ganesh or the OM signs. Rangoli are put together with flower petals, coloured powder or rice grains. Check out our own DIY rangoli made of rice grains.

Diwali Rangoli

Here are some Rangoli design ideas made with different media. We hope they bring you some inspiration. 

Flower Rangoli Design

Diwali Rangoli Diya Design

Favourite Rangoli Designs

Favourite Rangoli Designs

Favourite Rangoli Designs

Favourite Rangoli Designs

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