Action Speaks Louder Than Words – Zero-Waste Run!

The puzzling changes in the climate around the world worry me.  The annual haze that covers our entire nation in the last quarter of each year worries me. My kids leaving aircon, fan, and lights on in the room when they are NOT there worries me.

The first because cities that used to see snow are feeling the heat, while tropical countries are seeing a drop in temperatures and getting more rainfall. Perhaps it is Al Gore’s documentary preaching of An Inconvenient Truth that planted the seed of worry many years ago when I first saw it. And I also blame all the movies about the Earth’s apocalypse (The Day After Tomorrow, Armageddon, Dante’s Peak just to name a few) that add to my worry.

This worry is compounded by the repeated Haze catastrophe which is now an annual and expected occurrence in our tropical state. You see repeated blog entries of how to deal with the haze in September and a spike in advertisements on masks and air purifiers during this period. The third item just annoys me simply because it is a waste of electricity and money.

Action speaks louder than words. I feel the need to do something. 

In our family, we try to recycle as much as we can by sorting our glasses from our plastics and using recycle bags as much as possible. Every year on Earth Day, we dutifully go dark for an hour. When we sold our car last year, we made the conscious decision to take public transportation as much as possible to reduce our carbon footprint. I try to raise my kids by nagging at them to be mindful to switch off their electrical appliances when they leave the room (which they do some of the time).

Yes, I am one of those people. A non-active social activist who primarily protests in my own home. Against my own kids. 

While we are not big advocates of Earth conservation, my husband and I want to do our small part to ensure that THE Earth that our kids and our grandkids live in are semi-habitable and in an organic state. While the notion to fly out to space and live in Mars is very exciting, I think I will much rather that my future generations (that’s me presuming that my kids will give me some grand-babies and they, some great-grandbabies) live in a world that does not regularly threaten to swallow them or burn them alive.

Action speaks louder than words. I feel the need to do something. 

So, more than just nagging at our kids to recycle and “save” electricity, we try to participate in larger-scale events to scale up our involvement in our “cause”. Plus, nagging only gets my kids to occasionally flip the switch off and mostly tune out my voice. Getting them involved in events such as the annual Income Eco Run is a more effective way in seeding the thoughts to take care of their future earth.

Organized by Young NTUC, Income Eco Run is Southeast Asia’s premier eco-run. Formerly known as NTUC Income Run 350, this was the first running event where I achieved the milestone of running a 10km run. The kids too participated in their first eco-run with an 800m dash (read about it here). Last year was PSLE year for us, so we skipped a lot of activities to focus on the academic exam at the end of the year. This year, we are renewing our commitment to be eco-warriors and runners with another 10km (for me) and 800m dash (for the kids).


To encourage a deeper level of participation, Income Eco Run challenges all runners to be ‘Zero Waste Runnerthis year. This means participating runners have to take a pledge to play their part to be eco-friendly. As a ‘Zero Waste Runner’, one’s entitlements will differ from other participants, such as there will be no finisher tee (for the 21.1km runners) and no finisher medal in order to cut down on production waste.

Instead, these ‘Zero Waste Runners’ will receive a handheld water bottle to refill along the race route to cut down on the use of disposable cups and a limited edition ‘Zero Waste’ graphic print on the running tee in recognition of their pledge.

Action speaks louder than words. Do YOU feel the need to do something?

For those keen to sign up for the Income Eco Run 2017, registration ends 31st March 2017.

Details of the Run
Running Date:Sunday, 30 April 2017
Venue:F1 Pit Building
 Category:21.1km — Men/Women,
10km — Men/Women,
10km — Team Mixed
800m — Kids Dash Boys/Girls

For more information on this Income Eco-Run, click on the website. I am off to follow the training regime for my 10km set by Dr Mok Ying Ren. See you at the run.

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