Parent’s Guide – Preparing Your Child To Enter Primary School

It’s a milestone moment when your child reach the age to enter formal school — Primary One. Many parents have a lot of questions such as “which primary school is the right one?” or “What are the criteria to consider in choosing a school?”

We get it. That’s why we put together this comprehensive Parent’s Guide help you find the answers to all your questions, so you can help your child transit smoothly from kindergarten to primary school. Click on the headers for more insights and tips to prepare your child to enter primary school.

1. Elite vs Neighborhood: Are All Schools Equal?

All schools are equal. Right?

Not necessarily. Some schools hold the record in academic achievements while other schools have a reputation for producing well-rounded students. While most schools follow the education guidelines dictated by the Ministry of Education (MOE), the academic direction and how the subjects are taught to the student body are largely governed by the schools’ teaching faculty.

2. How To Choose The Right Primary School For Your Child?

How does your child learn? Does your child play better with the same sex or both? As your child’s parent, you know your child’s temperament and aptitude and are therefore in the best position to decide which school to place your child in.

You may also have a wish list when considering which school to select for your child. Read this article on the criteria to study before you make your final decision.

3. International School vs Local Primary School – Which is Better?

Some of you may be considering international schools as an option for your child. We break down the admission criteria, differences in local school curriculum and culture versus those in an international school. You can decide which is a better fit for your child. At the secondary level, your child can opt to attend local international schools or specialized independent schools.

4. Criteria To Qualify As Parent Volunteers at Top Primary Schools

To give your child better odds at entering a preferred school, you may wish to offer your services as a parent volunteer before the registration deadline for your child’s admission.

5. Everything Your Need To Know About Primary School Registration Process

Your child is assured a spot in the preferred school if you qualify to register in the early stages of registration (Phase 1 or Phase 2A). For those in Phase 2B or whose registration is subjected to balloting, parents have to keep an eye on the available spots and make their registration decision accordingly.

6. What Your Child Needs To Know Before Entering Primary One

 Entering a formal school for the first time is a big milestone for your child. To help make this transition from kindergarten to primary school a smooth one, make sure your child is equipped with the academic and social skills to enjoy the primary school education.

What was your experience with registering your child for Primary One? Do you have any other advice for parents with soon-to-be primary one students? Share in the comments below if the list of articles helped you prepare your child for primary school.

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