The 15-minute Birthday Party

When it comes to birthday celebrations, primary schools have a stricter code than preschool. But we were lucky we could throw my firstborn an unforgettable birthday party in his new school. For the 30 kids in his class, it was over all too soon!

We were lucky to have access to the school that day and had the school’s permission to bring a cake to school during recess. We set up our “surprise” at the class’ designated table in the canteen and when the classmates filed out during that time, they were surprised and excited to see a spread in front of them. None was more surprised than my son.



At that time, Angry Birds were all the rage among the kids. I had sounded my seven-year-old son who revealed that he really wanted an “Angry Bird cake” that he could play with. So, I bought his favorite chocolate cake (from Bengawan Solo) and decorated it with Angry Bird toys bought from the local peddlers.  His classmates sang him a birthday song, the cake was cut, and devoured! Some even asked for seconds – there were no leftovers!

Then my son handed out goodie bags filled with angry bird toys and Mamee noodles and chips. This whirlwind party was the quickest and easiest party I have organized.  The party was over in 15 minutes! And off they went to play with the cake toppings!! It is recess time afterall!

Party in primary school
A very happy Birthday boy with his friends.
Even though it was a short 20 minutes recess time before all the kids ran off to play, it was nice to be able to share his first birthday with his friends from the “bigger kids” school. Hopefully, he will look back on these photos and remember this happy childhood memory.
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