Record Set For Longest Mother’s Day Balloon Sculpture

Lily Tan has done it again! This time, she is setting the record for the longest Mother’s Day balloon sculpture message in Singapore!

She was at Tao Nan School to conduct a balloon sculpting workshop for the children while their parents attend a parenting workshop. After teaching the kids to make special heart-shaped balloons and floral sculptures, she and her team led the parents and children to uphold balloon sculpted alphabets to form the message: Mom I Love You!

Mother's Day RecordThe Mother’s Day record-breaking balloon sculpture held up by parents and kids.

Lily TanLily receiving her award from the official at the Singapore Book of Records.

Her previous works include the 23m by 8m and 12.5m tall pirate ship balloon sculpture at Marina Shopping Centre during the March school holidays this year (2014). This project took over 30 hours and 80,000 balloons to complete.

Singapore Book of Record

Check out the video of the progress of this balloon extravaganza

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