Halloween Costume Ideas For Girls

Dress-up is great fun for the kids! Halloween dress-up is EVEN more FUN!!

Here are some great ideas to dress up your little girls as beautiful princesses, cutesy witches, beautiful angels and she-devils, or scary (but still cute) bears or other animals.  For the bolder ones, get inspired by Vampires, Mummies, wicked looking Witches and Zombies.

We love dressing the kids up for Halloween. My little girl began her Halloween journey as a little witch girl and has slowly evolved to little devil girl, a scary bear and even Dobby from Harry Potter.  The scary quotient is definitely increasing. I just think she is the cutest thing in the world.

This costume is a simple white dress paired with a passed-down-from big brother vampire cape and Devil’s Horns hair clips. Her friend’s costume comprise of a regular pink ballet leotard from dance lessons. Good facial make-up couple with a beautiful furry bunny ear head piece complete the look and up the cuteness level.

Halloween Costumes

The trio of scaryness — a wrapped-up Mummy, an angry Baby Bear and a hungry Dracula! These costumes are so easy to replicate. On the mummy, all you need is a white T-shirt and white pants and white bedsheet torn to strips and creatively wrapped around any exposed skin.

The scary Bear outfit was a kindergarten performance costume. We recycled it and with creative make-up, viola, it has a brand new lease of life! The Dracula cape is the only investment (between $30 – 60) depending on the quality of the cape. Pair it with a black outfit and you are good to go.  If you have two or more kids, the cape can be recycled among the kids and make the investment more worthwhile.

For the older girls, you can also use dresses you already have in your closet and pair it with additional Halloween accessories.

Halloween CostumesThe Halloween costumes become a bit more ambitious as the kids got older! I LOVE these creative costumes made by some of my mommy friends.

A Headless Gentleman

Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls

Zombie Princess

Halloween Costume Ideas For Girls

Click Here for 24 more great badass Halloween costume ideas for your little girl.

Halloween Costumes
Queen of Hearts from http://www.buzzfeed.com/

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