Festive Celebrations: Shopping for Diwali Goodies

Diwali is a celebration of the New Year with an abundance of colors, spice, and smells…typically falls in the last quarter of the year (October / November) depending on the Indian lunar calendar.

People get confused by the terms Diwali and Deepavali. According to Hindu legends, Lord Rama arrives back from exile from the south to the north. Villagers light the path to honor his return. Hence Deepavali (southern Indians) is always one day before Diwali (Northern Indians).

Whether you are visiting Singapore during this festival, or are curious about the festivities, come with us to Little India, an enclave in Singapore where you find all the goodies of India.

Diwali Shopping Little India

Diwali Shopping Little India

Diwali Shopping Little India

It is always auspicious to have the Indian Gods adorn your home for the festival.

Diwali Shopping Little India

Rangoli are decorations to decorate the doorway of the Indian household. Typically, the Indian women used colored sand or rice, but there are also stickers and even plastic ones.

Diwali Shopping Little India - Rangoli

The best place to buy your Indian goodies are on the streets, but if you can’t find what you need, you can always head to Mustafa, an Indian department mall down the road.

Diwali Shopping Little India

Get henna decorations on your hand or foot from as little as SGD$5 when you are at Little India. But make sure you’re done with your shopping first as the henna gets smudge easily.

Diwali Shopping Little India

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