Christmas Tree Guide: Where to Buy Real or Artificial Trees

T’is the season to be jolly. And a Christmas Tree adds to the festive feel at home. Whether you decide on a real Christmas Tree or an artificial one, there are pros and cons.

Real or Artificial Christmas Tree?

Some years back we decided to get a real Christmas Tree from IKEA. The smell of the tree was a reminder of our winter holidays in Canada and the USA. If you choose to buy a real tree, do note that it requires daily maintenance. We had to take care to add ice to keep the water cold in the base of the tree daily, as well as a repellent to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the water. Also, the fir leaves would fall and you need to clean regularly. If you get your tree too early, you might worry it may not last through the Christmas season. Last, but not least, the disposal of a real Christmas tree can be quite a task. You will need to chop down the tree into parts to dispose of it or if you buy your Christmas tree from IKEA, you can arrange to have it transported back to them to dispose of the tree organically.

If you decide on an artificial tree, many of the upkeep issues that a natural tree has will be removed. However, you should consider if you have the space to store the tree. Once the tree is set up, zero maintenance is required. If you store your artificial Christmas tree properly, it can last you up to 5 years or more.

Christmas Tree
Image Credit: Bedok Garden & Landscape

Where to Buy Christmas Trees

Christmas trees range in prices from $99 to $350 depending on the size, type of tree, and where it was shipped from.

Buy your REAL Christmas Trees here:

  • Far East Flora offers fresh Noble Fir Christmas Trees from $159 (5 to 6ft) to $338 (8 to 9 ft) tree.
  • IKEA Singapore offers the most economically priced Christmas tree. However, you have to order well in advance and the orders are usually filled quite fast. So quickest fingers win the day with IKEA’s Christmas trees.
  • Candy Floriculture Aside from the various fir Christmas trees, you can also add Poinsettia ($68) and Merry Bliss Sets ($65) to your Christmas decor.
  • Island Group stocks Noble Fir Christmas trees that cost between $128 to $258.
  • Bedok Garden & Landscape is owned by Far East Flora. If you wish to order online, go to Far East Flora’s website link.
  • Song Lang Garden Prices begin from $168 (4/5 ft). Delivery charges depend on the location to send the Christmas tree to.

Buy your ARTIFICIAL Christmas Trees here:

There are many places to buy artificial Christmas trees. You can go to department stores or these specialty Christmas stores for all your Christmas needs:

  • Christmas Tree Singapore is the ideal venue for Christmas trees and decorations. Whatever the space and style of your home, you will find a design that is picture-perfect for your family Christmas photo.
  • Mason Home Decor offers free delivery for all purchases above S$150, plus free assembly services.
  • Noah Garden Centre offers artificial mixed Belmont Tree from $119 and other Christmas decorations like wreaths ($16 – $48) and Mini Christmas Poinsettia package ($30)
  • SKP Singapore
  • Spotlight offers a variety of Christmas trees from Silver Tinsel to Glitter Twig to full pine Christmas Trees in different colors.
  • Vanda Win
  • IKEA Singapore offers an assortment of artificial Christmas trees in all sizes from floor to table.

Share with us what kind of Christmas Tree you have and if you prefer real or artificial Christmas Trees? You may also be interested in our A to Z Guide on Christmas Decorations.

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