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Laser Tag parties are popular among boys. The question is: should I throw one for 7-year-olds? 

Themed Birthday Party for Kids
The boys, organized into teams, were taught strategies and team work. And all had incredible testosterone-fulfilling fun. Mission accomplished!

Should I allow my son to play “laser tag” which is so similar to having a gun? He was not really into guns, just the occasional play “gun fight” with his mates.   I decided to speak to Gavin Goh (GG), Director of Operations at CrossFire Team Building.

CrossFire Teambuilding was established to encourage Team building within individuals while incorporating a fun element, also to serve the community with a more affordable rate.

“I personally feel that Laser Tag shouldn’t cost much, and if it does, it has to be justified with more activities/packages the company is offering,” said Gavin.

Me: Is laser tag a good party for the boys? Afterall, its about guns?”

GG: Definitely! We even had girls who enjoyed the game! However, Laser Tag is not just about having fun/playing with guns/ military, etc (definitely not in CrossFire Teambuilding). People who HAVE NOT tried Laser Tag often mistaken it for a game or that it is meant for kids. In CrossFire Teambuilding, we emphasize on the overlooked dynamics of team-building such as communications, leadership, teamwork, analytic thinking and strategic planning. After all, our events are customized towards the client’s objectives.

We have had events where the females were the dominant ones in the group in which they stepped up as leaders and led the planning. Therefore, there is no gender saturation when it comes to Laser Tag, but that’s if the party is willing to try in the first place. 

As for the boys, it is an added thrill/adrenaline rush when they get a chance to “feel” a gun and to use one. This includes the males who have completed/or going through National Service and have already tried a REAL gun before.

Me: What are the benefits of laser tag?

GG: Our company is also trying to promote healthy lifestyle for gamers who plays day & night, without meals at times/or at irregular hours. These gamers are neglecting their health for the mere adrenaline and excitement that they get from playing with their friends online or in a lan-gaming shop. They could play for hours and even skip school or miss out lessons because they are fast asleep in class IF they go to school. Some of them also suffer from obesity because of the snacks they eat while playing.

We are trying to find this people, put a gun in their hands and let their body do the moving rather than their keyboard and mouse. Well, it’s the same thing after all; they are playing a game, using any kinds of strategies they have developed from the various games similar, but they will get to exercise at the same time while having fun. On a personal note, I seldom exercised before National Service, all I did was to play Laser Tag frequently for 3 years, and it did not compromise my health or my physical standards in National Service.

Themed Birthday Parties for Kids
Is it the wisest thing putting a gun in a child’s hands?

Me: What is a suitable age to play laser tag?

GG: It’s not so much about having a suitable age but more to a suitable understanding of simple instructions and the awareness during the game. I had events with kids as young as 6 who understood the simple steps of using the gun, but they could not comprehend the objectives provided, which defeats the purpose unless the client’s objective is for them to have fun.

To add on, I did an event for autistic kids from Pathlight School who were hyperactive, aggressive, had attention deficit disorder, but they were still capable of thinking of strategies and listening to simple instructions, so this could be quite subjective. If the event is for fun, the youngest advisable would be 6. But if the event requires planning, leadership and analytical thinking, an age of 13 would be best.

Me: Can girls have laser tag parties? have you guys conducted one before?”

GG: We have not had Laser Tag Birthday Parties for a birthday girl before, but we have several events that had girls playing too. It’s easier for classes/schools/companies to organise a action-packed teambuilding outing with Laser Tag than other military simulation like Airsoft and Paintball. As Laser Tag is the painless form of both mentioned, girls are more willing to play Laser Tag.

Some events to look at are: “Rebecca & Friends”, “Monetary Authority of Singapore”, “GIC Special Investments”, “Singapore Press Holdings”, & “NTU Hall 12”

As it turns out, I ended up hiring Gavin to conduct a Laser Tag party for my son. They were professional, well-organized and the boys had a great time! Many of the parents who attended the party were so impressed that a few  of them ended up organizing Laser Tag parties for THEIR sons’ birthdays! Some even used Gavin’s company again.

Themed Birthday Parties For Kids
Gavin – the martial briefing the kids on the use of the laser tag gun, instructing them on the rules and guiding them throughout the game play.
Themed Birthday Parties for Kids
The young men being de-briefed after a game session. Questions were encouraged and readily answered. Personally, I am quite impressed the boys paid such rapt attention to the Martials. Kudos to them!

At the end of the day, no kid went cowboy or trigger happy with me or their parents. It was all just clean, good fun for the boys. And hopefully, it will be a good ten, 11 years before they touch a real gun.

In fact, the boys had such a good time that this laser tag party sparked off demands from the other boys to celebrate their birthdays with Laser Tag parties in the future.

If you are interested to learn more about Laser Tag or to hire Crossfire’s services, please contact Gavin at +65 9005 7023 or through their website.

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