Affordable Realistic Christmas Trees This Festive Season

An artificial Christmas tree can stimulate the same celebratory mood of the festive season as the real thing. Better yet, it is affordable & appears realistic on your Christmas photos.

Other than missing the smell and touch of a real pine tree, the artificial Christmas Tree offers the same photo effect as a real one. You just have to decorate it well. Also, these trees are reusable and much more friendly to our purse strings. Just try to re-use your artificial tree for at least 5 or more years to get the most out of the money you spend on Christmas trees.

Setting the Mood for Christmas

We ordered our Christmas Tree online from Christmas Tree Singapore. Their website is super easy to navigate and they have all the answers to your festive needs.

Their selection of trees demonstrates their dedication to helping their clients find the perfect tree for their living space. Choose from the following selections.

If you like the convention shape of most Christmas trees, then The Jack of All Trades with its bushy evergreen shape is the one for you. But if you prefer to stuff your Christmas trees full of ornaments, then the ultra-dense and realistic Wunorse Openslae scotch pine Christmas tree will be pleasing to your eyes.

Don’t have a big space at home or in your office? No worries. The Shinny Upatree, fashioned after the Fasir Fir Christmas Tree will fit nicely into tight spots. The tree diameter is only 60cm, which means it will fit into any constrained space and make it look gorgeous.

The best part about an artificial tree is that you can mix the tips to get the best of what you love about a Christmas Tree. Their Hybrid Finesse is an Alabastier Snowball that comes with two different types of fir to make a grandeur tree. The tree color is so realistic it will make your ornaments pop.

The top of their range is the Premium Grandeur, an artificial Pepper Minstix Balsam Fir Christmas tree. The design and color of this majestic-looking tree look 100% like a real living Christmas Tree and are sure to set the mood for Christmas cheer in your home. Your guests will be so impressed, they will not be able to tell the difference.

The trees come in various heights, from 5ft (1.5metres) to 7ft (1.8metres). The prices are also very affordable, and if you really want to stretch your dollar, check out their value bundles which packaged the tree with the decorations (baubles, Christmas Tree Topper, and LED lights).

Christmas Tree Review

We ordered the Alabastier Snowball 7ft Value Bundle. The delivery was very efficient and arrived promptly as per our scheduled appointment. The packaging was compact and easy to unbox. The tree was in great condition. It came in 3 segments (the base, the middle, and the top) with a base.

The set-up was super easy and you could do it in minutes. Hop over to our Instagram page to watch our set-up video. Once it is set up, we could see that the Christmas tree is extraordinarily dense because the Christmas Tree Singapore does not stinge on the number of tips or the quality of their branches.

As part of our value bundle, our tree was accompanied by baubles (red/blue/silver/gold), a Christmas Tree Topper (silver/gold), and LED lights (warm/white). Our theme is red and gold. Hence, we chose baubles in that color scheme, a gold tree topper, and warm LED lights to help create the Christmasy effect.

Christmas Tree Singapore also offers a variety of Christmas decorations (wreaths and garlands) and Christmas ornaments like pine cones and tree picks and to enhance the festive feel in your home.

If you are thinking about where to get your Christmas Tree, do check out our guide to buying Christmas Trees in Singapore and the A-Z Guide on Christmas Decorations.

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