How Career Coaches Can Grow and Develop Your Career

A Career Coach Can Help Improve Your Career Growth

Many professionals think that they need a career coach only when they are applying for jobs. However, having a career coach in your corner during the course of your profession can make a difference to your career growth.  Without someone helping you chart the course, those waters can seem murky and foreboding.

A career coach can help look at your career holistically, clarify your situation by looking at ways you can improve, and assess whether the best move is to go elsewhere. The career coach can also help you design a plan that leads to the big career ambition you envision for yourself. For example, does the path of your career growth include promotions, expanded job responsibilities, leadership positions, or becoming subject matter experts? Do you have the confidence to take the leap or the discipline to stay on course as you cultivate the expansion and improvements of your skills, knowledge, and experience?

A career coach can also be your biggest advocate and supporter on your development path. One of their key roles is to follow up with you and keep you accountable for your action plans.

How Career Coaches Can Grow and Develop Your Career

To grow your career, you should ascertain the following:

  • Assess Your Current Professional Situation & Identify Areas to Improve or Change.
  • Determine Your Growth Goals
  • Create a Career Strategy to track and quantify the above growth goals.
  • Develop Your Timeframe to reach the goals
  • Check in on your goals frequently.

Once this is done, you can continue to work with your career coach consider the smaller components to develop your professional proficiencies, and define some strategies to overcome personal obstacles. For example, do you need to enroll in training programs or acquire new skills? Are there any gaps in your current core skills that can be enhanced or improved on? What relevant credentials or experiences are you missing and the solutions to close these gaps? Should you further your education to improve your employment opportunities in the future?

Working with your career coach, you can consider which of the following developments you can pursue:

  1. Continuous learning and professional development
  2. Skill diversification
  3. Mentoring and coaching
  4. Networking and relationship building
  5. Job rotations and secondments
  6. Cross-training and cross-functional projects
  7. Seeking feedback and performance evaluations
  8. Personal development initiatives

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