Featured in The Sunday Times – Is Parenting Over-Analysed?

Attachment Parenting. Positive Parenting. Helicopter Parenting. Mindful Parenting. Conscious Parenting. Champion Mindset Parenting.

What form of parenting do you practice? And with so many choices in parenting, are we modern parents over-doing it?

Parenting is a complex arena to navigate. Love your kids too much and you are accused of stifling them. Pamper them too much and you are accused of molly-coddling them. Discipline them too much and you are accused of being too hard on them. Pushing them in a direction you know is right for them and you are accused of being a tiger mom. Striking the right balance is a challenge for parents today.

Then you have to take into considerations your parenting style, the kids’ personalities and temperaments, your belief system, your family dynamics and the “baggage” or memories of how you were raised. All these factors make parenting a very complex topic to negotiate.

This was the feature in today’s Sunday Times and I was fortunate to be included in the article. Read on and share in the comments below your thoughts on modern parenting – are we over analysing parenting?

Meiling Features Sunday Times (1)

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