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Once in a while, LIFE throws you such great opportunities that you just grabbed them by the horns and do the best that you can.  Last week, I was invited to go on National Television to present my views as a parent who prefers to send her children to elite or “branded schools”.

LIVE on BlogTV SingaporeLIVE on BlogTV Singapore with Cheryl Fox, Tim Oh.

Eck!! I haven’t had a hair cut in 3 months!! So off I go to my favourite person who always makes me look beautiful – Vincent Lee from CINQ Hair Salon.  And while Vincent styled my hair, who should walk by but Mediacorp Artiste Andrea De Cruz herself!!

A familiar face on local television, Andrea is also a Director of CINQ salon. She paused to give me some advice on how to look and sound incredible on television:

1. Look Presentable – “Be mindful of the audience of the show and dress appropriately.  If you are appearing as an expert, wear a jacket and look the part.  Never appear too casual,” says Andrea adding that smart casual is always a safe bet on TV.  Other nuggets of advice include:

  • Bear in mind that there’s a lot of harsh lightning.
  • AVOID stripes or white colour clothing on TV.
  • Avoid Smoky eyes or dark red lipstick (for Asians).
  • Wear light, neutral shades and blend the colour properly.
  • Try to look natural without looking like you’ve put in too much effort.

2. Appear Credible – The content of the show is important. Go on the program fully aware of the topic to be discussed. “Know what you are talking about,” says Andrea.

  • Prepare yourself by asking the producer of the show for a list of questions that will be asked during the show.
  • Do some research on your part
  • Practice your answers at home so you have an idea what to say on the program.
Andrea De Cruz CINQ salon
Andrea De Cruz, Mediacorp Artiste & Director at CINQ salon (Photo credit: www.artiste-e.com)

3. Make Sense When You Speak – Some people tend to mumble when they are nervous or put on the spot.  Here’s what Andrea advise:

  • Project your voice; no need to shout as you are wearing a mic, just speak a notch louder than your normal voice.
  • Speak clearly
  • Don’t suddenly go introvert

Vincent, a Director and one of 5 partners at the hair salon suggests that you invest in a styling session with a reputable hair salon 2-3 hours before the show.

“The hairstyle should go with the dressing,” he said before offering these tips:

  • Long hair – try curling your hair for a more dramatic look or iron straight hair for a sleek look
  • Soft curls are better – schedule more time if you are curling your hair.
  • Straighten frizzy hair
  • Use hair products to control unruly curls or frizzy hair
  • Brush on some serum to add shine to hair

CINQ Hair Salon is a favourite among local celebrities, models, expats and high-flying professionals, including Sharon Lim (Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Singapore), Corrina Lim  (Executive Director of AWARE), Glenn Goei and Ivan Heng (renowned theatre directors), international stars like Joan Chen, Ananda Everingham, Tanya Chua and even ex-British Prime Minister’s wife, Shirley Blair.

CINQ is located at 137 Telok Ayer Street #01-03 (opposite the Hokkien Temple), Tel: 6223 3380 and 6 Scotts Road, Scotts Square #03-16, Tel: 6636 0100

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Meiling is a Singaporean mom who loves spending time with her 2 kids until they ditch her for slime-making and digital gaming. These days, she keeps herself busy trying to keep up with the social media while still contemplating if she should learn how to play "Clash Royale".

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