Blog Train: If I Were a Time Traveller

It is my turn to hop onto the Blog Train to share when and where I would like to go back in time if I were a time traveller!

There are many periods in my past that I will like to revisit to counsel, mentor or encourage my younger self. But since this is a SMB Blog Train and my kids are among the oldest in the group, I will like to re-visit the time when the kids were toddlers and preschoolers (3 and 5 years old).

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Aaahh… such simpler times when exams are distant and impromptu holiday trips are immediate possibilities. Here are the many things that I miss about them at this age.

I miss that I could still pick up my kids and carry them at this age.  These days, my son picks ME up to flaunt the strength of his emerging arm muscles.

I miss the pitter patter of their tiny feet as they run around the house playing with each other and creating a ruckus. They still create a ruckus around the house, but more of the squabbling kind.

I miss the way they run to greet me with the loudest screams of joy and utmost enthusiasm when I come home from work or errands. Nowadays, I am lucky if they noticed I am home, not to mention a quick uninterested “Hi!”

I miss how everything is such a wonder to them and mommy is the fairy who grants their every desire. Now, every desire is negotiated and I am no longer the fairy who freely grants their wishes but rather one who sometimes apprehend said desire when they abuse their privileges.

I miss that they believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. Oh, my kids will tell you they still believe in Santa and the Fairy *wink, wink*, if that will get them that coveted video game or $10 per tooth  (yeah, we are one of those parents who over-paid for our kids’ baby teeth).

I miss that I can envelop their entire body with mine when we cuddle in bed.  These days, my son is as tall as I am and with school days beginning at 6am, cuddles in bed are more of a luxury than regular bedtime events.

I miss our co-sleeping days when all of us — Mama, papa and two kiddies — could squeeze into our King-size bed and sleep through the night. These days, there is barely enough room for three. Poor dad is kicked off to the kids’ room where he is secretly relieved; there are no unannounced punches or sudden midnight kicks in bed!

I miss how young and unsullied they were at this age. Their slate is clean. Their future full of promises. Their talents brimming below the surface, waiting for the right moment to be uncovered. Everything about them is true, pure and divine. Now that they are older, there are expectations to be met and consequences for their misbehaviours. 

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Somes Things Do Not Change…

Going down the tunnel of time, I am glad to see that some things remain the same… My daughter still loves to bake and eat cupcakes. Yes, she occasionally still likes to sit on the table if it is sturdy enough to hold her weight. My son continues to be distracted by any digital gadgets in the vicinity (in this case, the TV). Their cheekiness and playfulness remain intact.

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We still like to meet characters we are fans of. In the past it was Handy Manny, Dora and the Little Einsteins. These days, it is Lego Friends, the Avengers and Transformers. The only constant is Batman, although I think Ironman is gaining on him for my son’s affections. And looking at the photo below, my daughter still does not look directly at the camera when we take photographs of her.

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Most of all, I am grateful that the brother-and-sister pair still love and enjoy each other’s company as much as they used to while playing together on the beach, at the playground or at home. But now little sis knows how to defend herself better and gives it right back to her brother if he steps out of line. And tears no longer bring the threat of dad running to little sis’ rescue. The playing fields are now even.

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Back To The Future…

It was a lovely journey visiting the past. But I am so happy to return to the present to see how far along my two munchkins have grown and developed. Maybe six years in the future, I will take another time travelling journey back to this moment. Or my next time travelling journey might be to the future to see how well they have fared as *gulp* teenagers!

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Share with us in the comments WHERE and WHEN in your past would you travel back to?

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Meiling is a Singaporean mom who loves spending time with her 2 kids until they ditch her for slime-making and digital gaming. These days, she keeps herself busy trying to keep up with the social media while still contemplating if she should learn how to play "Clash Royale".

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  • 14/05/2015 at

    Awww so sweet! I personally am also holding on to my babies for as long as I can because it’s true, one day they won’t need us anymore! Thanks for sharing! =)

    • 16/05/2015 at

      Hi Madeline, thanks for this blog train. Am so happy to be able to be part of it. 🙂


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