Blog Train:15 Things I will do differently in 2015

Today is my turn to post on the 15 things I will do differently in 2015. Thank you Shermeen for the introduction. I started with a short list that suddenly grew, but I classified them into five categorizes for easier reference. So here they are…

15 Things I Will Do Differently in 2015

A) Practise A Healthier Lifestyle

Everyone I know has jumped or are already on a fitness wagon. While I have had the good fortune to inherit the slim genes from my parents, slower metabolism and increased lethargy (from being in front of the Telly for too long) are telling signs that I need to get off my (not so firm) rump.

For me, being physically fit is more a necessity than vanity when I experienced bouts of breathlessness that struck me on several occasions for no apparent reasons. Also, watching all the crime shows on Fox Crime have left me with the horrifying thought — I will not be able to outrun my perpetrator if ever I’m caught in a dangerous situation.

So, beginning of 2015, I have dedicated myself to doing more of the following:

1. Exercise MORE

2. Eat more FRUITS



5. Sleep EARLIER

While points 2, 3 and 4 are purely holistic and practical habits; easy to adopt. I am incredibly challenged by #1 and #5.

I need a wolf pack to get me to exercise. It was easy to sign up for yoga lessons. The problem is without any accountability, not even the guilt of wasting my husband’s hard-earned cash will get me to the yoga studio. But when my friends demand explanations from me for not turning up for yoga classes twice in a row, not being able to wake up doesn’t sound like such a good excuse.

In that same vein, I am putting myself through the running rigour by joining the upcoming NTUC Income Run 350 (10K). It’s a bit daunting I know, since I only participated in the GE Women’s Run (5K) last year – my first run. But I have fellow mom bloggers Danessa, Angelia and Hui Ing to keep me company and inspire me to train and run with. So, while it’s relatively new territory, I am motivated enough to keep going. Plus, my kids have just signed on for the 800m dash of the same run — their first.  I may not be very good at motivating pushing myself to get off the couch, but I am a damn good drill sergeant when it comes to my kids. So, their participation should do the trick of getting me up, huffing and running…

As for sleep… well, I love my sleep. The problem is NOT going to sleep till the wee hours of the morning (like 2am).. My quiet time is usually after the kids go to bed. I lounge in bed, finish up my emails, chats and doze off to my favourite TV serials (different ones each night). But I have to be up at 6am on school mornings when the kids go to school.

Yes, I know it’s completely my fault for not getting enough sleep. (*sheepish) And I recently learnt that the BEST time for our organs to recuperate is between 11pm and 2am!  So now, I am committed to be in deep and sound sleep mode by this time, which means staying up after the kids go to school and heading to bed by about 10:30pm. Ironically, having hubby around helps me fall asleep easier. Unfortunately, he will be travelling a lot for work this year. Any tips?

B) Be In The NOW

Present. Today. Here and Now. OPRAH advocates it. All the positive coaching theories call for us to do this – be more mindful in the present.

Eh? What does THAT mean? I tried out a Mindful Yoga Class just to find out. It was really SLOOOW. And I was very mindful that I was the youngest person in a class whose average age is 50.

So obviously I am not there in my journey to be mindful and present. But here’s what I intend to do more of this year to get there:

6. Build Strong Connections — The internet has been great to connect me with friends and family. But I am still old-school and am definitely planning for more face to face time.

7. Think & Act Positively — This is easier said than done. Fortunately, there are lots of positive sayings around and I have taken to compiling my favourites or helpful ones and placing them in visible places until I am mindfully practising them. 

8. Meditate and ManifestI haven’t done this is in a while. But whether it’s prayers, quiet time, or during yoga sessions, I am renewing my commitment to reconnect with me.

Shoot for the Moon
This block was purchased in Bali as a reminder to myself as well as the kids.

C) Invest In Myself

Having placed marriage and motherhood as priorities, I am working to reinstate some of my interests and priorities. These days, it is about figuring what is important to me (other than family) and how I can re-invent myself or my priorities to fit my optimal lifestyle..

9. Take Chances — Being a mom is great. But I will love to be more. Today, I am mom and blogger and trainer and life coach and I am happy with that. I will like to see me putting myself out in the workforce a bit more and “push” my boundaries a little more.

10. Trust Myself — There is a lot of uncertainty being an independent or freelancer. But I love the freedom it allows me and I love doing all the different work that I do. This year, I am going to learn to promote myself and get the jobs that I know I can execute well, and still be home for the kids.

D) Have Some FUN

One evening, my daughter accused me of being too serious and have NO sense of humour. OUCH! 

That went straight into my heart! And as much as it hurts, it was true. I was so busy being the “ADULT”, I had forgotten that I was allowed to have fun and laugh. Oh boy!  That accusation was two years ago. My report card last year said I was better,  but there’s room for improvements, hence #11, 12 and 13 (for hubby and me).

11. Do more fun stuff

12. Laugh more

13. Have more sex — yes, apparently it is fun stuff and quite a good workout too. ;-D

Bed legs

E) Share More Love

As cliché as it sounds, the world does need more love. I cannot understand the senseless bombings (racial or religious based) or the unexplainable flight crashes/ disappearances. I am not Miss Universe, but I do feel that the world need a shift towards the positive. Love is a powerful force. And I aim to start spreading a little love. Starting with myself, then my kids and their friends, and finally family and the community.

14. Shout Less — these are usually over homework battles. I am working on it.

15. Do More Charity — I usually prefer to provide efforts than to give money (maybe because I don’t have enough). This year, I will really like to do something, maybe visit a village where I can help.

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Next on the blog train is Ting, a Stay Home Mom of two active boys, who believes that everything happens for a reason. She believes she can find miracles everywhere if she looks closely. 🙂 She blogs at Miracule, about her experiences on family, motherhood, homemaking, home-teaching, breastfeeding and things that can keep herself from turning into a yellow-faced wife.

Cen-Lin Ting

Look out for her post. Share with us in the comments below what are the things you are doing differently this year? I will also be sharing the other mom bloggers post on FaceBook. So, join us there as well.

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