About Us


Originally a private blog, Universal Scribbles, or Us is now a new media, consumer lifestyle brand for parents with young kids, teenagers, and young adults. It was founded by Meiling Wong, a mother of two, who is committed to empowering parents to be the best moms and dads to their children.

Our mission is to help moms and dads (new or mature) connect with one another through our articles, workshops, and events. We seek to provide answers to the many questions parents have while raising their children, and we hope to engage them in conversations to help them explore their parenting styles, their parenting techniques, and their parenting motivations.

At Universal Scribbles, we are tolerant of all styles of families and encompass modern family dynamics. We see motherhood and fatherhood as a journey that moms and dads can support and learn from each other. As such, we invite you to join us to encourage one another through our shared parenthood experience to raise happy, healthy, and resilient kids.

Being parents is only one facet of our lives as human beings. Other than delivering useful parenting resources, we also seek to provide insights and reinforcements in career & finance matters to help our parents achieve success and balance so they can focus on their most important role as parents.

For some of our families with older children (above 12 years old) and young adults (over 18 years old), we encourage parents to share our content on learning skills and study methods to help them become independent self-learners & thinkers. We firmly believe in the foundation of education and the ability to make good choices. Hence, we also have content to help our children and parents make educated decisions and preparations for higher education.

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